Jarvis Windom  
1064 Gilchrist St.  Wheatland, WY 82201


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Donald E. Windom 4/15/18 - 3/3/97                                           
A Builder & A Great Father

Jarvis F. Windom, son of                                     m. Betty Anne Murphy
Donald Edwin Windom, son of                          m. Frances Norma Smith
Frank Windom 1877-    , son of                          m. Cora Belle Courtright
Jesse Windom, 1846-1918, son of                     m.   Emilie Llewellyn
George Windom, 1822-1907, son of                 m.   Sarah Ann White
George Windham, 1791-1880, son of               m.   Elizabeth Carter   (Changed Spelling)
George Thomas Wyndham, 1806-1830,          m.  Marie Augusta Windham (Cord)    (A Wyndham & Windham  married 4th Cousins)
        William Lukin Windham, 1768-1833     m.  Anne Thullusson   (Marie's Parents)                            (Fellbrigg Line)
        George   Wyndham,1762-1810                     m.   Marianne Bacon  (George Wyndham's Parents)    (Cromer Line)


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